Philippa Comber

Philippa Comber, 1982

Photo by Irene Leverenz in Berlin, 1982

Philippa Comber was born in London. Armed with a degree in English from Exeter University, she set her sights on a career in book publishing. Out of this emerged a growing interest in the social sciences which led her, via a circuitous route, to study Psychology and train as a psychotherapist at the Free University of Berlin during the 1970s. In 1980, she returned to the UK to take up a clinical post in Norwich and it was there, in August 1981, that she first met Max Sebald. In 1999, she moved to Manchester and since taking retirement from the National Health Service, has devoted much of her time to writing.

In addition to Ariadne's Thread – In Memory of W.G. Sebald, Philippa is the author of In This Trembling Shade, ten poems set to music as a song cycle.