Joe Currie

Joe Currie is an artist based in Norfolk. He trained at the Royal College of Art on the bronze casting foundry course and has since been a studio technician for, amongst others, Charles Saatchi, Anthony Caro and Damien Hirst. He has worked as a sculptor at all the major UK film studios on sets for many features including The Golden Compass, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Quantum of Solace and the Marvel movies. He has also been a pyrotechnician for film, a stunt canoeist and a fashion photographer's assistant. As an artist he has exhibited and sold around the world and is currently working on a show for a USA exhibition in 2016 where he will also be making an attempt for the world land speed record for a sculpture, which will be documented in a film 'Multisculpture 24/7'. Custom Fast Wheels is his first book.