The Independent and The TLS.

Ariadne's Thread has just received two wonderful mentions in the British press, starting here with the a piece by Roma Tearne in the Independent:

'...I am fascinated by the landscape, drawing it constantly in my sketch-books and Ariadne’s Thread continued to throw up personal associations for me. While reading I felt I was being taken through the brooding landscape of Southern Germany with its dark evergreen forests and its ‘Casper David Friedrich views’. References to the botanical gardens in Bamberg and the villages in the Bavarian Alps made me want to go on a walking trip there. The land was one of Max’s passions; he constantly walked it. It was Comber’s too. Exile, whether self-imposed or forced, creates an intense focus on the landscape of your birth.'

Read the full article here.

If you would like to read Neil Fitzgerald's full article in the TLS, then you will be have a subscriber online but in a few weeks it will be available for free! In the meantime, here is a wonderful quote to sum up the book...

'This handsomely bound memoir is a welcome addition to the secondary literature on an author who changed the literary landscape.'